One Platform To Rule Them All

We keep it simple, intelegent for you to manage, track, analyse and optimize your online advertising campaigns with real time statistics.

Offer Wall + Smartlinks

Our smart link optimization technology tests and finds the best performing offers for you with machine learning and maximize your ROI. You can rearrange and customize smartlinks as you desire. Even if you prefer to offer wall, you can have them both and rule them all.

Simple & User Friendly Interface

Clickroute platform is very simple to manage with the tips and the documentations that provided. Also our 24/7 support will be there for you to answer your questions.

Real Time Statistics

You can track and monetize your data real-time for Multi platforms, Locations, IPs, Operating Systems, Browsers and many more. Also you can access your panel from multi platforms and track and monetize your campaigns wherever or whenever you want.

Advanced Caps

Limit your budget, put caps per conversions and clicks. Clickroute system allows you to take the full control over the budget and spend.

Support 7/24 Technical Support

A team of professionals helps you with all technical and monetizing issues 24/7 with Skype & email and ensures you achieve success working with us!

Reporting & Payment System

You can enjoy our eCPM based special performance reporting and short report tips just for you to save you time. Also you can pay your publishers by choosing payment periods & payment thresholds.